About Us

What is terra form?

terra form is a not-for-profit corporation (currently pursuing 501(c)3 status) specializing in the education and research of sustainable infrastructure, sustainable resources, and sustainable lifestyles. We provide open source instructional aides and on-site training to empower you, your family and your community to be completely self-sufficient. We maintain that the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter are a basic human right that ALL people are entitled to.

All the structures we feature use a vast majority of freely available renewable resources and recycled materials that are conscientious in thought and intelligent by design. By using the resources available, we can help eliminate much of the unneeded waste from any construction project. Most of the finished structures we demonstrate have the ability to withstand catastrophes that would otherwise destroy traditional residential stick-frame construction.

Our network connects builders, farmers, healers, political activists, and all people to inspire the change we wish to see in the world. By enabling all people from all cultures to come together in a supportive environment, we will be able to encourage, motivate, and guide each other to innovate and develop the principals of sustainability. The connection platform, terra forum, will make it happen. terra forum is a world community powered open source education network where people from all cultures and all walks of life can come together to ask questions and to share their knowledge of all things sustainable. This medium relies on the innovation, knowledge and creativity of people to improve upon sustainable technology and to freely share that information with others; this constantly evolving cycle of education, distribution and innovation will bring you the highest quality sustainable education and research that will always and forevermore, be free.

Why terra form?

We’re in it for you: to bring you the highest quality educational resources and research. We have spent our time developing a sustainable education network to show you what it takes to live debt free while still maintaining the luxury and comfort people spend their entire lives attempting to afford. Every article contains rich content and information that when heeded, will improve the quality of life for you, your family and your community. All of our educational resources can be found online on our website and always for free. terra form is a non-profit corporation which means that every donation, every contribution, and every workshop will go towards funding our mission: to empower self sustaining communities worldwide where people from all cultures and all walks of life will be free to be who they are, who can celebrate life, and where money is not needed to have the basic necessities.

Where is terra form?

terra form is everywhere you are. We bring sustainability to your doorstep by providing educational services online and literally to your doorstep. Our workshop services can come to you and provide the educational services you see online into a comprehensive training course where together, we will build a structure from start to finish that will outlive us all. As we continue to expand, you will begin to see our self sustaining communities develop all over the world.

For more information, please call 850-77-TERRA (850-778-3772)
You can also reach us using our contact page.