Woven Polypropylene Tubes (Superadobe Bags)

Unfilled woven polypropylene tube rolls (also known as Earthbag or Superadobe) are the main construction material for all flexible form rammed earth structures. Tubular rolls are cut to the desired length to give you a continuous span that will provide tensile and compression strength well beyond short sandbags. "Flexible form" means you can conform the bags to nearly any configuration conceivable from sharp angles to elegant curves. While the infrastructure possibilities are seemingly limitless, the most common structures are:

  • Houses
  • Storage Sheds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Privacy Walls
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Landscaping
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Bag Sizes & Prices

Tube Roll
2,000 yard
14 inch 11 inch $1,125*
18 inch 14 inch $1,300*
*Price does NOT include shipping.

Tubular Sandbag Roll Product Specifications:

  • 900 Denier (mass density of fibers)
  • 10mm x 10mm Weave
  • 1,600 UVI Hours, sunlight protection (over 300% more than Cal-Earth bags)
  • 250 pounds Total Weight

Required Material Lengths:

Use the table below or our Bag Calculator (COMING SOON) to estimate the amount of bag you require for your project. If you would like a custom quote for your build, post your inquiry HERE; the more detail you are able to provide, the more accurate the estimation will be.

Construction Estimates

  8 Foot Dome 10 Foot Dome 12 Foot Dome 15 Foot Dome 8 Foot Wall
14 Inch Bag 220 yards 315 yards not recommended not recommended 280 linear feet
18 Inch Bag 210 yards 300 yards 370 yards 540 yards 340 linear feet
Domes per Roll 9.1 domes 6.3 domes 5.4 domes 3.7 domes n/a
Square Footage 50 sq. ft. 78 sq. ft. 113 sq. ft. 176 sq. ft. n/a
Estimates may vary depending on individual builder's technique, and does not include support buttressing.

Shipping Information:

  • Our bags can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Method of delivery dependent on location and preferences.
  • Local pickup available for no extra charge.
  • Rolls will arrive between 5-14 business days.
  • We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.
  • Each full roll weighs 250lbs.


  • Cash payments receive an immediate 2.9% discount.
  • Terra Form workshop alumni are eligible for a 10% discount for life.
  • Anyone with the rank of "Energy Spirit" or greater on terra forum receives an additional 5% discount.
  • If eligible, all discounts listed will be applied to your order.

Special Notes:

  • Each roll is individually wrapped and warehoused until time of purchase.
  • Polypropylene material MUST be stored in a dark place while not in use.
  • Tube rolls are sold in conjunction with workshop training courses;
    Terra Form is not responsible for manufacturer defects.
  • "Filled Width" is an approximate measurement dependent on the builder's technique.
  • Be sure to check the local codes and building safety in your area before construction; if you need help, ask HERE.
  • Get project inspiration, training, construction advice and more on terra forum!
  • Smaller quantities are subject to availability. Specific material cut lengths will be subject to a cost-per-yard depending on length required. Please contact us for more information.

For more information or to order, please call 850-77-TERRA (850-778-3772)
You can also reach us using our contact page.